3-10 November activity contest – results

Most active members eligible for ad space bonus:
Universal Solo Ads – Abolfazl Karim

Quick Video Ad Store – Thomas Keoppel

Their 468×60 banners and one line text links have been placed at the bonus ad spots.
Everyone can win. Not sure what it means? Read more.

Get Rewarded To Advertise Your Sites

Get rewarded to advertise your online business or favorite affiliate programs.

This is a short post about the weekly activity rewards, that members of our text ad exchanges can win just for being active.

Starting on November, 4th the most active member of Universal Solo Ads, Daily Ad Response, Pro Ventures and Quick Video Ad Store will have a chance to put his/her featured 468x60px banner on the login pages of all 4 ad sites.


But that’s not all.. Another great ad space is “one line text ad” that will be available for the weekly most active member to use in the members main area.


How it works.

To qualify for that bonus ad space the member must have viewed the highest number of solo ads, minimum 100 per week and have posted at least 1 solo for that week. The stats will be reset on Sunday UTC/GMT 20:00 each week.

Because of the low members count of our latest TAE Quick Video Ad Store, to be the weekly most active, member must have posted a solo ad 5 out of 7 days of that week. Every solo will be replaced with a blank one until Quick Video Ad Store reaches 200 members. Every time.

The winners will be announced in a Sunday update in a post of this blog. The banner ads will be randomly chosen from members ads, already set up in their accounts. The one line text ad will be chosen from the traffic or hot links of the winner’s account. The winners can choose to change that ads using the support system of every ad site.

Thanks for reading, login to your accounts view several ads and post some ads as well. Make sure you have reviewed the “Activity Bonuses” in the members area to maximize your efforts and advertising.

You may use this promo code: daily at our 4 sites, good for 1 hot link with 1500 impressions.

What Are TAEs – Vol.2 – How To Post Banners, Buttons, Traffic Links, Hot Links And PTC Links

If you came from the part 1 of this article, you have already know how easy it is to post text ads,  HTML ads and surf pages at text ad exchanges. This post will lead you step by step through the process of posting banners, traffic link, button bannerss, hot links and PTC ads.

Ok, let’s get started. Universal Solo Ads PRO and JV members are required to view a set number of surf sites, before to be able to set up their own ads. When you click on “Advertising” surf the required sites and after that click on “Return to members area”

1. Banners and button ads – image based ads with two formats – 468×60 and 125x125px. Banners are shown in the members area and in the frame of solo ads and some type of supers. Buttons are being displayed below the navigation menu.

To post a banner, click on advertising, scroll down and find where it says “You have __ Banner Ad(s) Click Here to set up Banner Ad”.


Click on the link “Click Here ..” and you will see a page containing this


The image is self explanatory. Please click on “Preview Banner” before saving it to make sure you haven’t made an error.

If you have enough ad points and want to purchase banners or buttons first, click on “Advertising”, scroll down and find where it says “Purchase Banners”/  “Purchase Buttons”.

purchase banners and buttons

Click on “Pay using your Points” and proceed as described above to finish the set up.


2. Traffic Links – are very effective text ads displayed on the “View Traffic Links” page. They are super effective and remain on that page until have received a set number of clicks.

To purchase a traffic link with points or cash, click on “Advertising” and scroll down until you see  “Purchase Traffic Link1 (2 or 3)”.


After that put the text of your ad in the box “Subject:” and the link in the box “Add URL:”  and confirm, clicking on “Save”.


You may of course go and post your blank traffic links that you will find on “Advertising” page too.


3. PTC ads – paid to click ads, displayed on the “View PTC ads” page.

To trade points for PTC ads, go to “Advertising” page and find the place where it says “Purchase Paid To Click1 (2 or 3)”.


Or if you have available PTC ads in your account, scroll down and find “You have 1 Paid To Click ad(s) to add. Click here to set up Paid to Click Ads.”


After that you can set up the ad the same way as traffic link ads.


Please always be sure to follow the rules when posting ads, you can see on top of the “Advertising ” page.

If you haven’t recently logged in, or you’re still not a member of Universal Solo Ads, follow this link to the main page.

The part 3 of this article will be dedicated to posting Login Ads and Full Page Login Ads.
Click here to go to part 1 – Setting up text ads, HTML ads and Surf Pages.


What Are Text Ad Exchanges Vol.1

In this series of articles you will learn what text ad exchanges are, different types of advertising options they provide and the basics on how to set up the most popular ads.

Online advertising is an essential part of any online business. There are dozens types of advertising sites online where every internet business owner or affiliate can order and place ads.

Anyway some of the ads offered could be quite expensive for those with little or no ad budged. And fortunately there are kind of ad sites that provide free (or low cost) advertising and they become more and more popular. These are text ad exchanges.

Text ad exchanges, ad exchanges or TAEs are credit based membership advertising websites where members earn advertising points (or credits) in exchange of viewing other members ads. They can exchange those points for most of the ads, available in the members area and set up those ads for free. TAEs are extremely effective because of the credit system. You will view my ad (opportunity) earn credits, exchange them for ads and I will view your offer(s) so I can earn credits to place my own ads.

Ad exchanges offer not only text based ads, such as text links, traffic links, hot links, ptc links etc., but also email based ads. These could be solo ads, cash solos, super solo and credit emails. The latest advertising scripts allow all the ads to be accessible and viewed on site. But email based ads go out to members email inboxes too.

There are also images based ads, like banners (different size), login ads and html ads. Login ads and full page login ads are being used as a prime ad method and are a true real estate for marketers.

I will use Universal Solo Ads in the following examples for setting up membership ads. To post any ad, a member must be looged in to to members area. All the ads are accessible for a set up from the navigation menu.

How to set up text ads, HTML ads and surf sites

1. Text ads – one line text advertisement.
Click on the button “Post Text Ads 1.CLICK” from the navigation menu, copy and paste the text of your ad in the box, where it says “Text Ad Up To 100 Characters Including Spaces:”.

post1Copy the link, you want people to go to when they click on your text ad and and paste it in the box where it says: “URL:”.

Hint: Test the url you are promoting if it breaks the frame. It’s good to do this before posting the ad by pasting the link in the box with “http://”, above and clicking on the button “Check URL”. A new window it will be opened showing the site you promote in a frame. If you see this line “If you can see this message, the site isn’t a frame breaker.” that means your link is ok and you can go and post your text ad.post-text-ads

Put a checkmark in the box “Save ad” before you click on the button “Post Ad”. It will save you time on the next day when you can post the ad with a click. You can do it by clicking on the button “Inverse” below the table (look at the image below) and “Post” after that.

How to repost the saved text ads at UniversalSoloads.info

2. HTML ads – formatted text and (or) image based advertisement.
You can post HTML ads by clicking on the button “Post HTML Ads 1.CLICK” from the navigation menu. post2First check your URL if it breaks the frame (see 1. Text Ads above) and if not, put it in the box “URL:”. Copy and paste your HTML code in the HTML editor. Save the ad clicking on the button below the editor (don’t forget the checkmark).

Text ads and HTML ads are being displayed when members click on “Browse Text Ads”/ “Browse HTML Ads” using 1 of your advertising points for every click.

posting HTML ads at UniversalSoloAds.info

3. Surf sites – your pages displayed the same way as in traffic exchanges.
To set up your surf pages, click on the button “Post Surf Sites” from the navigation menu.post3

Put the URL you want to promote (better use a splash page) in the box “URL:”. Put the name of your site (you only see it) in the box “Name:”. Put the number of surf credits you want to assign to this URL in the box “Assign Surf Credits:” (these are credits used in the surf exchange section only). Click on the button “Add Surf Page”. You will have surf credits deducted from the assigned amount, only when your site have been visited.

You will see a message “Your surf url has been added successfully. You have … surf urls left. Click here to return to the Surf Area.”. Repeat with the rest of your available surf slots (depends of the membership level).

If your membership level is “Free” or “JV” you will be asked to surf a set number of sites before you gain access to “Advertising” page.required surf before posting ads

This will be reviewed in a separate article. Click here to go to Part 2 “How To Post Banners, Buttons, Traffic Links, Hot Links And PTC Links”.
If you’re not a member of Universal Solo Ads, you can give it a test with a free $57 worth of welcome advertising.
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Universal Solo Ads reached 1400 members

100 new members have joined UniversalSoloAds in just 44 days.
April 29 was the last day of our referral competition to 1400 members.
The winners are as follows:

1st place for Wade Gibson (username=wadegibson) with 11 referrals
Wade’s been rewarded with $10 cash, 2,000,000 Ad Points and 5 Cash Solos

Random winnerDavid Smith (username=adminforfree) with 8 new signups.
David has won $5 cash, 1,000,000 Ad Points, 1 Cash Solo

Obviously admin account does not count even we’ve brought 60 new marketers in.
Congratulations to the winners, all the prizes have already been added.

The next referral contest to 1500 members has just started and the rules are quite different.

(Starts on 2013, 30th April, ends with member #1500 signup)

Cash and advertising

Who can win:
Everybody with at least 10 new referrals.

2,000,000 Ad Points
5 Cash Solos

1,000,000 Ad Points
1 Cash Solo

To be eligible for the awards above, your referrals must be real people, they must use their sign up promo code and to have at least 1 ad set up!

Everybody can win, so choose your promo tools from the members area and tell the rest of the world about your advertising results at UniversalSoloAds.

We’d like to thank all loyal members that promote the site and here is our humble loyalty reward for being members of all our 4 sites.

JV memberships at UniversalSoloAds, XchangeYourAds, DailyAdResponse and Pro Ventures ($47 value combined) when you belong to all of them.

To claim the above bonus, contact admin at 1 only site, providing your usernames at the rest of sites.

To your advertising success,

PRO Ventures First Referral Contest – The Winners

PRO Ventures first referral contest ended on 21.03.2013 with member #200 that signed up.

If you’re new to text ad exchange advertising, you will pleasantly surprised to learn, that text ad exchanges (often underestimated) are not only extremely responsive source of web traffic, but also a great way to earn fast and easy money online.
For example, when you advertise a traffic generation program, the chance to get signups and affiliate commissions is higher because everyone needs advertising. And since this post is about the end of our PRO Ventures first referral contest, keep on reading to learn how and what everybody can win with just a little efforts.
To learn more about PRO Ventures go to this post.
Before I announce the winners, I’d like to remind the rules of the contest that have been in effect first:

Prizes to be won:
Cash and advertising

Who can qualify:
Everybody with at least 3 active referrals.

1,000,000 Ad Points
3 Cash Solos

500,000 Ad Points
1 Cash Solo

To be eligible for the awards above, your referrals must be real people, they must use their sign up promo code and to have at least 1 ad set up!
And our winners for the first referral contest to 200 members are as follows:

#1 place: Darlene Horton with 26 recruits
Random winner: John Woodhead with 15 signups

They both have already received their cash and advertising. Congratulations!

Pro Ventures referral contest table
And you can be the next in our second referral contest to 500 members, that has just started. The rules and prizes can be found on the “Referral contest” page in your PRO Ventures members area. Good luck to all who decide to participate!

Did you know SJV members at PRO Ventures get all new signups that come from admin promotions below them? And they earn up to 50% commissions on auto. You can become a SJV member for a one low purchase of.. Take a look at the intro offer available from the navigation menu on your next login!

Happy advertising!

Referral Contest At Universal Solo Ads Ended With Member #1300 Signup

Universal Solo Ads have become one of the most active text ad exchanges, being only 14 months old. And we are proud of our awesome members and dedicated to satisfy their advertising needs 24/7.
We are pleased to announce that 1200 – 1300 referral contest ended today 16th March. Before we let you know the winners, let’s take a look at the details and the rules.

What can you win:
Cash and advertising

Who can qualify:
Everybody with at least 3 new referrals.

2,000,000 Ad Points
5 Cash Solos

1,000,000 Ad Points
1 Cash Solo

To be eligible for the awards above, your referrals must be real people,
they must use their sign up promo code and to have at least 1 ad set up!
And the winners are:

Users #1 and #3 from the table below do not qualify because these are our admin accounts.
Universal Solo Ads referral contest results
#1st place winnerDavid Smith, user=adminforfree with 18 new signups
 Random winnerDarlene Horton, user=Eagle1 with 4 new signups

Congratulations, you have already gotten your cash and ad rewards. All active members, thanks for your support, it’s much appreciated!
The next referral contest 1300 – 1400 for 100 new members is on. The rules are the same.

If you have forgotten, our Universal Solo Ads affiliate program offers up to 50% cash commissions from all purchases. You can earn part time or full time just for promoting the site.

Hint: Universal Solo Ads has a viral link cloaker that shows member’s referral link above the site you are promoting. This is a great way to get easy referrals promoting your sites with no extra efforts. Go try it today!
Happy advertising,