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Traffic exchanges are great online place to build a mailing list with highly targed prospects. Some savvy marketers avoid advertising at traffic exchanges, as they find those as a source of a worthless traffic.

But… if you’re not promoting at TEs, you are losing thousands of potentialboomingwebsitetraffic te customers and you’re leaving a stack of money on the table.

Of course, every person could get absolutely different results from his traffic exchange promotions. Using traffic exchanges the right way could make you a fortune. :-) Yes, it’s truth.

O.K. Straight to the point.

Several days ago i was told by Louise Deavin, the very respectful owner of FroggyHits, about a new traffic exchange, that worth joining.

It calls BoomingWebsiteTraffic with an owner Benjamin Bellville. This is not just a side project for him, but his primary daily concern!

It is destined to grow and those who are members will grow with it! The exchange was opened for the general public less than four hours ago (12:01 AM Thursday Nov 10th) and i can see a lot of entrepreneurs, promoting it right now on listbuilders and other traffic exchanges … Why?

I was recommended to get in, as Benjamin is one of the few other TE owners, that are concerned about the results and conversions, their members have.

When i first login, i saw an offer to upgrade my account, so called OTO, that was very tempting. Did i take the OTO? You bet - i got the lifetime top level upgrade for the irresistible price of 50 bucks… ONE TIME!

You see, when you spend money for advertising, you should consider this kind of buying not for spending, but for investing.

The top level monthly ad pack of 1000 advertising credits, 2000 banners and 2000 text views, 6 sec fast timer and 55% commissions is valuable enough and if you’ve been a while online, you should appreciate the ad power of such investment.

Here are some other benefits with the BoomingWebsiteTraffic membership:

-Grow your downlines and lists for other programs or for your personal email lists.

-Even free members can build a nice income on Booming Website Traffic – 25% on upgrades and traffic purchases!!!

-Win prizes, including cash while surfing, in referral contests and in frequent promotions.

-Up to 1:1 surf ratio available even for free members

-Save time by earning a percentage of your referrals surfing credits 2 levels deep, the more marketers you refer, the less work you will have to do.

I have had a possibility to test BoomingWebsiteTraffic for two days and can declare (with a satisfaction) the traffic is really fast flowing, the members’ area interface is clean and the most important thing – i converted around 2% of the surfers into leads for my campaign.

Read enough, OK then, it’s the right place and the righ time to get your BoomingWebsiteTraffic account and start converting your website visitors into leads for your primary online business. … but hurry, the prices will raise in 2 days, so make sure you join before the end of Friday the 11th of November.

Here’s the best scenario: Join BoomingWebsiteTraffic, take the OTO (it’s one time $50, remember) and start promoting a bit. You could get your money back in a matter of hours, since the new launched traffic networks are highly attractive to join and convert quite well! …Not to mention the huge traffic, that comes with your membership.

Did i mentioned the extra bonuses…¬†For anyone taking the 1st OTO- and ONLY the 1st OTO you will receive the following bonuses:

1000 Bonus credits from TrafficDelivers
1000 from FroggyHits
1000 from Website-Traffic-Hog
1000 from DownlineViralTraffic
Advertising points at ExtremeViralAds

Do NOT miss out on the chance to grab a LIFETIME of advertising for less than the cost of a dinner for two.

Click here to join BoomingWebsiteTraffic today!


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